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Redneck Races

2017 Kanabec County Fair Redneck Race 

Thursday July 27, 2017

Click Here for a Printable copy of the Rules



• payouts for first and second (not all classes)


● $25 Registration Fee includes Driver


•Pit passes for all others will be $20


RACE Classes


1. Compact #1-4 cylinder, front wheel drive, single overhead earn. No


DOHC, no turbos, no superchargers.


2. Compact #2-4 & 6 cylinder stock, front wheel drive. OEM-equipped


turbos, superchargers allowed. Must be OEM stock engine.


3. Truck #1--4 & 6 cylinder light trucks, rear wheel drive only. 4WD trucks


allowed, front drive axle must be disconnected.


4. Truck #2 - - 1/2 ton pickup trucks,and fullsize vans rear wheel drive (or 4 wheel drive must


be disconnected from front wheels) .. V8's acceptable.


5. Minivan - 4 ,Cylinder Qr 6 cylinder, front wheel or rear wheel drive,


must be stock engine.


6. Powder Puff [Girls can drive any vehicle priorly raced] non payout


7. UTV –Open Class non payout


Safety Information and Requirements


Age Limit of 16 years of age


All vehicles must pass a pre-race safety inspection


Full Face Helmet or Helmet and goggles must be worn at all times when on the race track


Seat Belts and Shoulder straps must be worn on the track at all times


Only authorized personnel will be allowed on the track


Antifreeze must be environmental Friendly


Drivers must remain in dead car unless instructed to exit by an official or safety personal


Any Unsportsmanlike conduct by driver or pit crew will result in immediate disqualification from event with


no refunds and possible removal from the fairgrounds


No hitting in the driver's door


Remove all glass


All Vehicles must have a fire extinguisher


Consumption of drugs or alcohol by any driver is prohibited. Kanabec County fair officials reserve the


right to disqualify any drivers at any time if alcohol or drug use is expected.


Any Violation of the rules will result in disqualification from the event


Contest is governed by the judges, with all judges decisions final. Judges have the right to stop and


disqualify participants at any time. Judges may examine any part of entered vehicle or driver. If disqualified


your entry fee will not be refunded.


Kanabec Co Fair Redneck Races July 27,2017






It is permissible to relocate the radiator to the rear of the vehicle.


The radiator must be mounted in a rigid manner so there is no risk of it bouncing loose or becoming




It is permissible to disconnect and remove the stock fuel tanks and


utilize an alternative fuel cell. Fuel cells must also be mounted with safety in mind,


featuring rigid, secure mounting systems.


All electrical wiring must be routed away


from the cell to avoid any potential combustion issues.


Front radiator and oil pan shielding allowed


Gas tank and fuel systems left in original position, or safely relocated


Battery tied down and Covered




Stock suspension (OEM or Aftermarket suspensions are okay, no performance shocks,


no changing geometry or mounting locations, okay to reinforce suspension and shock


mounting must remain stock)


Four Wheel Drive Trucks-Front shaft must be removed.


Four wheel drive cars-rear shaft must be removed




NEW any street legal or DOT approved tire. Air only implements. Beads on tires


may be screwed to rims. No split rims.


All Vehicles must have properly secured and sized mud flap




Similar to stock bumpers only, no sharp edges or over built bumpers


. Air. bags must be removed




Doors have to remain shut at all times.


Doors must be chained.


Door bars are allowed




Tow point on front and back of vehicle


Access point to the hood, we must be able to get under the hood in case of engine fire


Vehicle number must be clear and legible on both sides of vehicle. A vertical number


must also be attached to the roof and legible from both sides.


All loose items, garbage, etc. must be removed from inside the car prior to arrival at the




Kanabec Co Fair Redneck Races July 27,2017


We strongly encourage a full roll cage with halo or a have a 4 point roll cage


that is welded or bolted to be fastened securely ,it must be made from at least a 1-1/4 inch diameter and .095'


thickness. The cage must be inside the car within two inches of the roof. and truck and minivan cages must exceed


4 inches


above the roof line (We strongly encourage the use of 1 ½ inch OD tubing by 11 Gauge wall ERW STEEL TUBE


Vehicle inspections are performed. Vehicles will be inspected after pulling through the gate to the inspection area. If a


vehicle fails inspection, the driver will have the opportunity to correct the problem and will be allowed to be re-inspected.


NO vehicles may be removed from the trailer without passing inspection. Once a vehicle passes inspection it will be given a


visible indication that it has passed and be allowed to be unloaded.


After inspection the driver must complete the registration form. At that time the driver will also choose a


washer containing a number. This number is used to determine the first heats gate pick. Second heat


pole positions will automatically be the opposite of the first heat, allowing all racers to have a front row


start in one heat. A limited number of vehicles will be allowed to race in each class and this will be


determined by the Race Officials based on the number of total vehicles registered in all classes.


Driver will be allowed two laps, as a practice session. This is meant to familiarize the drivers with the track and track


conditions. It is not meant to be a race or driven in an aggressive manner. Track staff will help monitor the number of laps


being driven as well as watching for aggressive driving.


All heats and pole positions will be announced. Drivers are responsible for verifying they are in the correct heat. Classes


and heats will be called to the staging area by our announcer and our staging director will send the cars to the starting


area where they will be set into their starting locations by the track staff.


The starting personnel will point at each vehicle and wait for a "thumbs up" from each driver. Once all


drivers are ready, the starter will raise the green flag to start the race.


All vehicles will race each other for the specified amount of laps . Aggressive Dangerous Driving will not be allowed. If a driver


is identified as driving aggressively the track staff will point at the driver with a rolled or furrowed flag. This is considered a


warning. If the aggressive driving continues, the track staff will wave a black flag at the vehicle and the driver is disqualified for


that heat and must pull off the track.


Track staff will use a yellow flag to signify that a there is an issue ahead of them on the course. Drivers


may continue but must pass through the area in a slow and safe manner.


Should the race need to stop due to a rollover, accident, mechanical breakdown, fire, etc . , a red flag will


waved by track staff At that point the racing Is stopped and drivers are expected drive back to the


starting area and line up single file in the position they were in at the time of the incident .


At the start of the final lap of racing , finish line track staff will display a while flag signifying you are now


on your last lap of that race.


A checkered flag will be used as drivers cross the finish line at the end of the race .


Kanabec County Fair Redneck Races


Kanabec County Fairgrounds—Mora Thursday July 27 ,2017 7:00 pm


Kanabec Co Fair Redneck Races July 27,2017


Name: _________________________________________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________


City__________________________________Zip ______________________________


Phone Number:_____________________________ _____________________________


Make and Model___________________________________________________________




______Compact #1 _______ Compact #2 ______ UTV


______Truck#1 ________Truck#2 ________Minivan ______Powder Puff


Send completed form and entry fee to:


Entry Fee: $25.00 KCAS


PO Box 213


Advance Registration is appreciated Mora MN 55051


I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Kanabec County RedNeck Races and the


Decisions of its officials and I agree to hold harmless the Kanabec County Agriculture Society and


its members, volunteers. and promoters of any liability that I may have for any loss, damage, or


injury to myself or my equipment as a result of participating in this event





Click Here to Print a 2016 Registration Form