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Wheres John

Returning to the 2017 Fair

 Scavanger Hunt

Can you find out  "Where is John?"

Printable Copy of Rules

Rules for “where’s John”

  1. Come to the Fair Board Office (located in the Civic Center) for your “where’s John” card

  2. He will be in 2 different places each day, (Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

  3. Find where “John” is and then come to the Fair Board Office between 10am & 6pm.

  4. Tell us where you found “John” and we will stamp your card for you.

  5. Get both your stamps each day (total of 6 for the week) then bring on Sunday to the fair board office between 10am & noon to get a prize.

  6. We will put your card in a drawing for a chance for a bigger prize, that drawing will be held after the talent show