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Fair Events Schedule

Is there something that you would like to see added to next years fair?   Please see a Kanabec County Fair Board Member to see how it can be accomplished.     Our most popular events have started out that way.

Come and see the best of Kanabec County 
Schedule is being updated and revised  Check back for the up to date events and times

2017  Schedule
Did you have fun at the 2017 Fair

    Please Note CornHole Tournament is on Saturday registration 9am   on SATURDAY
    Thank you to all who helped with and attended the WSCA horse show on the 15th    
     Tuesday July 25    
     4-H  Non-Livestock Projects judged 2-7pm 4-H Building
    4-H Demos&Performing 2-7 pm 4-H Building
     4-H Livestock Interviews  4-7  
    Commercial Building Setup 10am-9pm Commercial  Building
    Open Class Entries; non-animal 3-7 pm Open Class Bldg
    4-H Livestock-except dairy& Horse- must  check in 4-7:30 pm  
    Beef, Sheep, Poultry, Rabbits, Goats & Swine Weigh-in 4-7:30 pm Barn Areas
     4-H horse check in  6-8 pm  Barn Areas
    4-H Horse Check in 7-8 am Barn Area
    4-H  Dairy Check in 8-10 am Barn Area
    4-H Rabbit and Poultry Orientation 8 am Rabbit Barn
    Open Class Livestock Entries 8:30 am -12 pm Civic Center by Fair Office
    Open Class Non Livestock Judging 9 a.m Open Class Building
    4-H Horse Show 9 am Horse Arena
    4-H &Open Class Meat&Dairy Goat Show 9 am Covered Show Ring
    Open Class Exhibit Buildings Open 10am-10pm  Open Class Building
    Commercial Building & Booktown Open 10am-10pm Commercial Building& CivicCenter
    Kids Day Events   Lions Park and Civic Center
    SuperHero Race 10 am Fair Main Street
    4-H Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goat Orientation 10 am Sheep Annex
    TaeKwon Demonstration by Evolution TaeKwonDo Martial Arts 12:00 am Civic Center
    Registration for Kids Pedal Pull 12:30 Civic Center
     Carnival Arm Bands  1 pm-close Carnival
    Kids Tractor Pedal Pull.(Supported by Farm Bureau) 1pm Civic Center
    Sheep Show  Cloverbuds/ 4-H/ Open 1 :30 pm Covered Show Ring
    4-H Dairy Project Interviews 2pm Lion's Park
    4-H & Open Class Poultry Show 3:00 Poultry Barn
    4-H Dairy Orientation 3:30 pm Dairy Barn
    4-H Beef Show 5:00 pm Covered Show Ring
    Carnival Armband Rides 1pm-close Carnival
    RedNeck Beater Races  7:00 pm  Grandstand
    Music by  "The Groove"  7-11 pm Beer Garden
     Commercial and Open Class Exhibit Building Close  10pm  



    Commercial Building-- BookTown-- Open Class Exhibits Open   10am-10pm Commercial Building--Civic Center--Open Class Building
    Robotic Demonstration 10 am Civic Center
4-H  ,Cloverbud, & Open class  Swine  Show
8 am Covered Show Ring
    4-H & Open Class Rabbit Show 8 am Barn
    4-H Dairy Show 11 am Covered show Ring
    4-H & Cloverbud Dairy Show 11 am Covered Show Ring
    Carnival Armband Rides 1-5pm Carnival
    Senior Essay Contest Winners 1 pm Civic Center
    Senior Joke Telling contest judged by the Slakeiu's.   Watermelon and Coffee  courtesy of 7 County Federation and One More Time Stores After Essay Readings  Civic Center
    4-H Beef Show 2 pm Covered Show Ring
    Cloverbud  Beef Show 2:00pm CoveredShow Ring
    Autographs from Hill In the Hole drivers 5pm-6:30pm Grandstand
    Carnival Armband Rides 6:00-10:00pm Carnival
    4-H Auction Registration Due 6 pm 4-H Office-Fairgrounds
    Hill In the Hole Mud Races 7:00 Grandstand
    Ag Olympics      supported by 4-H & Farm Bureau 7:00pm Livestock Arena
     Cambridge Corners-Square Dance
 7pm  Civic Center
     4-H Auction Committee Meeting 7:00 pm Lions Park
    Music by "Bad Jack"  8-12pm Beer Garden
    Commercial Building --Open Class Exhibits &Booktown Open 10am-10pm Commercial Building--Open Class Building--Civic Center
    Pine Derby Races – Boy Scouts-Registration 8:00  - 10:30 AM Civic Center
    4-H Pet  & Cat Show 9am 4-H Bldg
    Corn Hole tournament Registration 9am Beer Garden Area
    Pie and Cake Tasting  entries 9-11am Civic Center
    Commercial and Open Class Exhibit Buildings Open 10am  
    Open Class Beef Show                           
 in at 9 Released at 2
 10 am Covered Show Ring
    Pine Derby Races-Boy Scouts 11 am Civic Center
    Pie and Cake Tasting Judging 11 am Civic Center
    Carnival Armband times 12-4pm Carnival
    4-H Livestock Auction Buyers BBQ Sampler 1:30pm Covered Show Ring
    Pie And Cake Tasting Peoples Choice 2:00 Civic Center
    Nashville Recording Artist Tim Hadler with Kanabec County's Own Catrina Campbell 2:00-4:30pm Civic Center
    Kanabec County Century Farm Award Before Auction Covered Show Ring
    4-H Livestock Auction 2:00 pm Covered Show Ring
    Parade 4;30 pm Union Street
    4-H Alumni Reunion after Parade 4-H Building
    Nashville Recording Artist Tim Hadler with Kanabec County's Own
Catrina Campbell
7:30-10:00pm Civic Center
    Freestyle Mud Truck Event 7:00 pm Grandstand
    Music by "Dirt Road Dixie"  8-12 pm Beer Garden


Church Service -"Trio Community Church"   10 am Civic Center
Commercial Building --Open Class Exhibits & Booktown Open 11am-6pm Commercial Building--Open Class--Civic Center
4-H Costume Class 9am Covered Show Ring
Draft& Driving Horse Show 9am Horse Arena
BBQ Contest Judging 1 pm Beer Garden Area
Open Class Dairy Show 11:30am Covered Dairy Show Ring
Carnival Armband Rides 12-4pm Carnival
NTPA UPA Pull 3 pm Grandstand
4-H Round Robin Showmanship 3pm Covered Show Ring

Amateur Talent Contest


Civic Center

4-H Champion Pictures, non-livestock 5pm 4-H Building
4-H Herdsmanship Champion Pizza Party 5pm Lions Park
Animal Exhibits Released 6pm  
4-H Exhibits Released 6pm  
Exhibits Released 6pm Open class Building
Open Class Premium Check Distributed 6pm Open Class Building
Commercial  Exhibits Released 6pm  
Monday July 31    
Fair Clean Up--Everyone is Welcome 8 am Fairgrounds
4-H State Fair Registration  Non Livestock 5 pm 4-H Building on Fairgrounds
4-H State Fair Registration  Livestock 5;30 pm 4-H Building on Fairgrounds
Tuesday August 1    
Carcass Contest 3 pm K&R Meats
Thursday August 17    
4-H Mandatory State Fair Meeting  General Encampment 5 pm 4-H Building on Fairgrounds
4-H Mandatory State Fair Meeting  Liovestock Encampment 6 pm 4-H Building on Fairgrounds



Parking Fees are charged  11am to 9pm each day of the fair

Parking Pass.................................... $6.00.......... All Days( available at the gate or fair office)
Parking ........................................ $2.00............................................................... Daily


Each of the food stands in the Food Court support a local non profit group  or the Kanabec County Fair

If you have an idea for an event to be included in a future fair Please contact a member of the Ag Society Board of Directors