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Tractor Pull Entry Form

Make Plans to attend this old fashioned "Neighbor vs Neighbor "Pull

Many of our favorite pullers plan on being here or come and see what your neighbor may have hiding in his or her garage and been working on since the last time you saw them

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  Kanabec County Fair Tractor Pull             

Kanabec County Fairgrounds—Mora                Sunday   July 31, 2022                      1:00 pm



Name: _________________________________________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________


City__________________________________Zip ______________________________


Phone Number:_____________________________ _____________________________


Make and Model___________________________________________________________




The following classes have been established:

__3750 Farm Improved Stock            __   9000  Hot Farm                                         __6200 Open

__4300 Farm Improved Stock            __ 10500  Turbo Farm Improved                   __7500 Open

__5000 Farm Improved Stock             __ 12500 Farm Improved Stock                  __9500 Open                                                            

__7000 Farm Improved Stock             __ 16500 Farm Improved Stock                    

__9000 Farm Improved Stock             __22000 Farm Improved Stock                      __10500 Hobby Stock



__Lightweight Stock Semi Work Truck                                        __Hobby Stock Semi

There must be at least 4 participants in a class for prizes to be awarded.

                                                                                                             To preregister  email form or information:

Entry Fee:                                                                                                                 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Kanabec County Tractor Pull and the Decisions of its officials and I agree to hold harmless the Kanabec County Agriculture Society and its members, volunteers. sponsors and promoters of any liability that I may have for any loss, damage, or injury to myself or my equipment as a result of participating in this event












To preregister  email entry information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

Please bring completed form and entry fee with you to the pull. 


2022  Tractor Pull Rules and Regulations   As Used at the Kanabec County Fair—Mora MN

  1. Sportsmanship Rule: Un-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated. It will result in a suspension of one year and one day.
  2. Contest is governed by the judges, with all judges decisions final. Judges have the right to stop and disqualify participants at any time. Judges may examine any part of entered tractor.  If disqualified your entry fee will not be refunded.
  3. Entry fee includes driver.   
  4. The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is not permitted in the pit area at any time.
  5. All under age drivers must have parent’s written permission.        Parents assume all responsibility,    subject to official’s decisions.
  6. One pull per tractor.      No first puller re-pull option.
  7. All weight classes include the driver and allow no extra weight.
  8. Only one type of fuel per tractor.
  9. Operator must remain seated during entire pull and have full control of the tractor at all times.
  10. You can only protest another tractor and driver if they are in the class you pull in. Protest must be entered before the next class.  Protest Fee May apply.
  11. All tractor engines must have kill switches within reach of driver.
  12. If any parts or equipment fall off the tractor during the pull it will be disqualified.
  13. All tractors must have working rear brakes.
  14. Tractor must remain within boundaries of the track for the length of the pull.
  15. All engine fans must be factory or shrouded steel 1/16th or thicker. All transmissions and clutch housings covered. All turbos not under a hood must be completely shrouded except for an inlet and exhaust pipe 1/16th or thicker.
  16. No part of the tractor may interfere with the sled during the pull. Front weights and support frame must be a maximum 11’ from center of rear axel. Weights must be safely secured and not be on the three point arms.
  17. All exhausts must be factory or discharged vertically above the tractor, no rain caps or curved exhaust pipes on hobby or open.
  18. All classes will use standard drawbar rules. Minimum drawbar length of 18” from the center of the rear   wheel to the point of hook measured horizontally. Drawbar must be stationary in all directions.  There is a maximum height of 20” from hitching points parallel to the ground. Pull point may not be more than 1 ½” from the back edge of hitching device. No bracing drawbar to the three point top link.
  19. Dual tires are only allowed in 16500lb and above Farm Improved Stock and must meet proper size requirements.   They must be securely fastened with a minimum of 6 bolts.
  20. Tractor may downshift during the pull provided the forward motion of the sled is continued.  The use of torques, amplifiers, and power shifts is permitted.
  21. In Farm Improved Stock the top three pullers may have their RPMs checked at the end of the track .   .Driver must remain with the tractor.
  22. Farm Improved Stock classes must have working PTO unless factory equipped without. Tractors must have factory stock top cover, seat assembly, fuel tank, hood ,nose, and front tires.  
  23. Antique and Farm Improved Stock throttles must be against throttle stop at max RPMs.
  24. All Tractors must have rear fenders and floor plates.






Farm Improved Stock

          Weight Classes: Non Turbo 3750, 43000, 5000, 7000,  9000, Turbo 10000*, 12000, 16500, 22000    

Factory appearing or stock replacement block, carburetor, injection pump, front end, and drive train for that make and model. Allis WC & WD can run D17 block.

All tractors must have fenders and floor plate.

* factory add on Turbos such as 4020 or 966 with turbo allowed in 10000.  

*10000 Turbo Tractor must have a factory wide front.

10000 and up factory replacement turbo, exhaust and intake must hookup with  no modification.

10000 and up 3000 RPM limit

No block spacers. Governor required. Factory RPM set at pump for that make and model.

3750 & 5000 max tire size: 16.9-38, for 7000-10000 turbo max tire size 18.4-38, 12000 and up no size limit.



9000 Hot Farm      &         10,000 Hobby rules

Roll over protection and dead man throttle required. Wide front min. of 60”. 3x4 turbo allowed

Scatter blankets and wheelie bars required

Cut tires, power blocks allowed. JD 2 cylinder must have cross belt on flywheel.

One fuel only (gas, propane, diesel fuel-no nitrous or oxidizers)

Quick releasing side panels removable for inspection. Fuel shutoff between pump and fuel filters.




Open/ Modified

            Weight Classes: 6200, 7500, 9500

Must have safety blanket on clutch and flywheel. Wheelie bars required.

Must have breakaway switch and second emergency shutoff within reach of driver.

Factory appearing block. Exhaust pipe must be cross bolted. Front dampener covered.

Helmet and firesuit are MANDATORY. Sturdy roll over protection required.

Wide front must track within rear wheels.

9500 one turbo (any size) only.



Semi Truck

Ÿ  Lightweight Semi is 18000# and under

Ÿ  Work Semi must be Street Legal and DOT approved

Ÿ  No Axel Chaining in the Semi Classes

Ÿ  Hitch Height must remain Constant in the Semi Class (no adjusting of air ride while the skid is hooked)