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Civic Center and Special Events

2018 Schedule


Music by the Beer Garden- "The Groove"
Thursday   7 PM
Senior Essay Contest Winners Friday 1 PM
Happy Birthday to the Farm Bureau Friday after Senior Essays
Music by the Beer Garden  "Polorized" Friday 8-12PM
Square Dancing in the Civic Center by the Cambridge Corners
Friday 7pm-9pm
Peoples Choice--You be the Judge--Pie and Cake Tasting Saturday 2PM
HF RC track  bring your racer and give it a try between civic center and family area   times to be announced
Pie and Cake Tasting Entries Taken in Civic Center Saturday  9AM -11AM
Pie and Cake Tasting Judging Civic Center Saturday 11 AM
 Recording Artists Tim Hadler & Catrina Campbell
  in the Civic Center
 Saturday 2:00 PM -4:30pm
Recording Artists Tim Hadler & Catrina Campbell
in the Civic Center
Saturday 7:30pm-10:00pm
Music in the Beer Garden  "Bad Jack" Saturday  8 PM
 Church Service By Trio Community Church  Sunday 10 AM
Talent Contest Sunday 3 PM

Let us know if you have some ideas--Contact any fair board member--we are always looking for ways to highlight local performers.