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Kanabec County Fair


Carnival Armband Periods

Thursday   All day
Friday 1 – 5 pm 
Friday 6-10pm
Saturday 12 – 4 pm
Sunday 12 – 4 pm

Individual Ride Tickets   and Armbands are available at the Carnival Ticket Booths
Armbands are $30.00 when purchased at the Carnival ticket Booth

Fair Events Schedule

Kanabec County Fair July 28-August 1, 2021
Come and see the best of Kanabec County 
Schedule is being updated and revised  and finalized      Check back for the up to date events and times

2021 Tentative   Schedule

  4-H pre registration begins    
  4-H Fair Entry Online Fair Project Registration "DEADLINE"    
  Dog Obedience, Rally, Showmanship&Cloverbud Judging 8:30 am 4-H Building
  Dog Agility&Jumpers Judging 5:30pm Outdoor Hockey Arena on Fairgrounds
  Cloverbud Jamboree 1-3 pm 4-H Building
  WSCA Horse Show - There will be no horse show this year.     
  Monday July 26    
  Fair Setup--All members and parents are welcome 8 am 4-H Foodstand
   Tuesday July 27    
   4-H  Non-Livestock Projects judged 2-7pm 4-H Building
  4-H Demos&Performing Arts 2-7 pm 4-H Building
   4-H Livestock Interviews  4-7pm  Civic Center
  Commercial Building Setup 10am-9pm Commercial  Building
  Open Class Entries; non-animal noon-7  Open Class Building
  4-H Livestock-except dairy& Horse- must  check in 4-7:30pm  Barn Areas
  4-H Horse Check in 6-8pm Barn Areas
   Rabbit and Poultry Barn Orientation  7:15pm  Rabbit&Poultry Barn
  4-H Dairy Check in 8-10am Barn Area
  4-H&Open Class Rabbit Show 8:30 am Rabbit/Poultry Barn
  Open Class Livestock Entries 8:30am -12 pm Civic Center/Fair Office
  Open Class Non Livestock Judging 9am Open Class Building
  4-H Horse Show 9am Horse Arena
  General Livestock Orientation 9am Show Arena Bleachers
  Blacksmith Demonstrations 10am-9pm  
  Open Class Exhibit Buildings Open 10am  Open Class Building
  Commercial Building & Booktown Open 10am Commercial Building& CivicCenter
  Antique Tractor Display  10am Civic Center
  Demonstrations by Sapsucker Farms    
  Kids Day Events    Various Locations
  SuperHero Race 10 am Fair Main Street
  Registration for Kids Pedal Pull 12:30 Civic Center
   Carnival Arm Bands 1-11pm Carnival
  Kids Tractor Pedal Pull.(Supported by Farm Bureau) 1pm Civic Center
  4-H&Open Class Goat Show 1 :30 pm Goat Barn
  Dairy Orientation 2pm Dairy Barn
  4-H & Open Class Goat Show 2 pm Goat Barn
  4-H &Open Class Sheep Show 4:30 pm Covered Show Ring
  Carnival Armband Rides 1pm-11pm Carnival
   Poppa Bear Norton  7:00-9:00pm  Civic Center
  RedNeck Beater Races  7:00 pm  Grandstand
  Music by  "Mike Miller & Friends"  7-11 pm Beer Garden
  Commercial and Open Class Exhibit Building Close  10pm  



  Veterans Day All Day  
  Blacksmith Demonstration 10am-9pm  
  Demonstration by Sapsucker Farms    
  Commercial Building-- BookTown-- Open Class Exhibits Open   10am Commercial Building--Civic Center--Open Class Building
   Antique Tractor Display  10 am Civic Center 
4-H  ,Cloverbud, & Open class  Swine  Show
8 am Covered Show Ring
  4-H & Open Class Poultry Show 10:30 am Poultry Rabbit Barn
  Carnival Armband Rides 1-5pm Carnival
  Senior & Veterans Essay Contest Winners 1 pm Civic Center
  UpNorth Music by Mike Monroe   Civic Center
  4-H & Cloverbud Beef Show 2 pm Covered Show Ring
  4-H Hands on Activities 4-5:30 pm 4H Exhibit Building
  Carnival Armband Rides 6-10pm Carnival
  4-H Auction Registration Due 6 pm 4-H Office-Fairgrounds
  RedNeck Races 7pm Grandstand
  Ag Olympics      supported by 4-H & Farm Bureau 7:pm Livestock Arena
   Cambridge Corners-Square Dance
Returning in 2022

   4-H Auction Committee Meeting 7 pm Show Arena
  Music by "Bad Jack"  8-12pm Beer Garden
  Blacksmith Demonstration 10am-9pn  
  Antique Tractor Display   10am  Civic Center
  Demonstrations by Sapsucker Farms    
  Commercial Building-open Class Exhibits & Booktown open 10am Commercial Building--Open Class Building--Civic Center
  4-H Pet  & Cat Show, Costume Contest 8am Show Arena
  Draft&Driving Horse Show 9am Horse Arena
  Commercial and Open Class Exhibit Buildings Open 10am  Commercial&Open Class Buildings
  Open Class Beef Show    (in at 9 Released at 2)  10 am Covered Show Ring
  Carnival Armband times 12-4pm Carnival
  4-H Livestock Auction Buyers BBQ Sampler 2:00 pm Covered Show Ring
   UpNorth Music by Mike Monroe    Family Area of the Beer Garden
  Kanabec County  Century Farm Before Auction Covered Show Ring
  Kanabec County Farm Family of the Year Before Auction Covered Show Ring
  4-H Livestock Auction 2:00 pm Covered Show Ring
  Parade 4;30 pm Union Street
   Wild Willie 7pm  Civic Center 
  Truck Pull
This is a Heartland Truck Pullers Points Pull
7:00 pm Grandstand
  Music by "The Groove"  8-12 pm Beer Garden
  4-H Horse Show Non qualifying events 9am Horse Arena
  Antique Tractor Display 10am-6pm Civic Center
  Church Service by "Trio" 10am Civic Center
  Blacksmith Demonstration 10am-6pm  
  Booktown,  Open Class Building, and Commercial Building Open 11:00 am Civic Center, Commercial Building, and Open Class Building
  4-H and Open Class Dairy Show 11:00 am Covered Dairy Show Ring
  Carnival Armband Rides 12-4pm Carnival
  Tractor Pull 1 PM Grandstand
   Alan Godage & Sundown  Classic Country Music  1pm Family Area by the Beer Garden
  4-H  Round Robin Showmanship 3pm Covered Show Ring
  4-H Herdsmanship Champion Pizza Party 5PM Covered Show Arena
  4-H Static Project Championship Pictures 5:30 pm 4-H Building
  Open Class Exhibits Released 6pm Open class Building and Barns
  4-H Exhibits Released 6pm  
  Open Class Premium Checks Distributed 6-7pm Open Class Building
  Commercial Booths Released 6pm  
  Monday August 2    
  Fair clean up-Everyone is Welcome 8am Fairgrounds
  4-H State Fair Registration Non-Livestock 5-7 pm 4-H Building Fairgrounds
  4-H State Fair Registration Livestock 5-7 pm 4-H Building Fairgrounds
  Tuesday August 3    
  4-H Carcass Contest 3pm K&R Meats
   Thursday August 13    
  4-H Mandatory State Fair Meeting General Encampment 5pm  
  4-H Mandatory State Fair Meeting Livestock 6pm  



Parking Fees are charged  11am to 9pm each day of the fair

Parking Pass.................................... $6.00.......... All Days( available at the gate or fair office)
Parking ........................................ $2.00............................................................... Daily


Each of the food stands in the Food Court support a local non profit group  or the Kanabec County Fair

If you have an idea for an event to be included in a future fair Please contact a member of the Ag Society Board of Directors



 For Safety and enjoyment of all    Please do not ride bicycles or skateboards on the FairGrounds during the Fair.    All Dogs must be on a leash.                  




Kanabec County Fair Parade 2021!!   


Parade to be held Saturday July 31th  4:30pm

Click Here for Printable Registration 
and Participant Information


Kanabec County Fair Parade 2019 - Saturday July31th, 2021

registration form

Name: ___________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

City: ___________________________ State: _____
Zip: __________

Phone Number: _________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________

Type of Units:

check one or more if needed:

Car: ______ Truck: _____ Semi: _____ Pulled wagon: ______

Walking group: _____ Horse Unit: _____ Music: ______

Other Please Describe: ___________________________

Venders selling items during the parade must complete an ST-19

Certificate of Operation from the MN Revenue

Food Venders must also provide copy of liability insurance

and current Health Certificate

Submit a donation of $50


Last day of registration will be Friday July 23rd, 2020

Send Form to Kanabec Fair Parade Coordinator

Mary Besser

1467 160th Ave

Ogilvie, MN 56358

Phone: 612-328-6385


Click Here for Printable Registration and Participant Information

2021 Kanabec County Fair Parade

**************Welcome as a Parade Participant***************

The Kanabec County Parade will be on Saturday July 31st 2021. If you are unable to make it, please contact me prior to this date so we may cancel your spot in the line-up.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support!

 Please remember when lining up, you are doing so in a residential area. Do no block driveway’s, do not park on lawns and keep the area free of trash, etc.

 Please make sure to keep up with the parade pace. Large gap between units is not acceptable

 You will be notified of you position in the parade by mail on earlier than July 1st. Parade line-up will also be posted on the website under the “Parade” button.

 All candy must be thrown on to the sidewalks away from the street and your unit. We want the kids to stay safe & off the street.

 ******No water/squirt guns******

 All animal units must provide clean-up units or will not be allowed to participate in the parade

Lining up starts at 2pm

 Mail to:
Kanabec Fair Parade Coordinator
Mary Besser
1467 160th Avenue
Ogilvie,  MN  56358 

The Kanabec County Agricultural Society is NOT responsible for any accidents on the parade route.

Officers and Directors

Kanabec County Agriculture Society Board of Directors

  •    Kevin Schiferli- President
  •    Jane Schmidt-VicePresident
  •    John Angstman- Secretary
  •    Kathi Ellis-Treasurer
  •    Rick Martens-Treasurer 
  • Brett Angstman
  • Marie Angstman
  • Ted Beckrich
  • Julie Johnson
  • Mona Kastenbauer
  • Janet Martens
  • Renee Ritter
  • Kevin Schiferli
  • Chuck Sheely
  • Gary Zdenek



Jed Lilienthal   320-679-2121
Beef Sammi Stone
Light Horse Crystal Sundermeyer
Draft Horse Rick Martens 320-679-5485
Sheep Ginny Anderson 320-679-8391
Goat Renee Coleman
Swine Amanda & Scott Peterson
Rabbit Jennifer Yates 763-552-0239
Becky Ponto
Poultry Jennifer Yates  763-552-0239
Becky Ponto
Open Class Building Julie Johnson, Jamie, Jennifer
Parade Mary Besser  320-272-0015
Commercial Building & Civic Center John Angstman 320-679-1546
Grandstand Events
Jason Mann 612-490-8045

Vendor Information



Information for Non Food Vendors and Concessions:
The Kanabec County Fair is celebrating it's 125th fair this year. There will be many events available for all age groups. A parade will be held again this year starting at 4:30 pm on Sat. July 31th. As a
number of exhibitors are involved in the parade we will close the exhibit building during this time, until approximately 6 pm. Entry day is Wednesday, July 28th. Some activities will begin that evening. Animal entry's are on Thursday. Now is the time to reserve booth space. It is reserved on a first come first served basis. Your options are inside building, sizes are 8'X12'. Outside space is 12'X24' with or without electricity. The electricity provided is normal 110v. If you require something different such as 220v you will have to pay for the electrical work to be completed to accommodate you.
NOTICE: MN DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE REQUIREMENT: ST-19 provided by the Dept. of Rev. This Operator Certificate of Compliance must be completed and returned with your booth reservation. You will not be allowed to setup your display without it on file in the fair office. The form is self-explanatory; if you have any questions about it call the MN Dept of Revenue.

Commerical Building hours: 
Wednesday -setup 10am-9pm ,    Thursday-Saturday  10am-10pm,        Sunday 11am-6pm

            Building is closed during the parade

The sale of weapons, toy weapons, animals, pornographic materials, alcohol or tobacco is strictly prohibited.


Kanabec County Ag Society reserves the right to refuse any vendors.


Note: Requirement at our fair. Certificate of Liability Insurance. Minimum required $100,000.00/$300,000.00.. Send with your application/reservation for a booth or outside vendor space:Completed  Registration Form, a copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance, Completed ST-19 and booth fee. If you have any question about this please call me at 320-679-1546.

If you would like to reserve space, fill out the vendor registration form and include other required forms (St-19, copy of Certificate of liability insurance). It is reserved on a first come first serve basis with payment.

 Mail Kanabec County Fair

John Angstman Secretary
2775 215th Ave
Mora MN. 55051
Phone 320-679-1546

Food Vendors   All Food Vendors must be a Non-Profit  organization.     Please Contact the Secretary by Phone or email  for  Prices.Specific Requirements and Registration Forms   .


 ST-19 Vendor- Commercial Booth  Registration Form Adobe Reader



Kanabec County Fair Registration FOR July 22-26, 2020!! Print the Registration form if possible


 Please complete and return the form and return with appropriate fee ,  ST-19 form, certificate of liability insurance,  to:

  Kanabec County Fair John Angstman 2775 215th Ave Mora, MN 55051



 Please make checks payable to Kanabec County Agriculture Society (K.C.A.S.)


 NOTE: After July 1, 2020 all prices are $30.00 more. By signing and returning the Registration Form
I agree to all requirements of the Kanabec County Fair.


 Please use the links below for a copy of the ST-19 Form  (It is a pdf file so you will have to have Adobe Reader on your computer - if you don't, use the Adobe link below to) If link does not work please copy into your browser.

PENALTY — Operators who do not have Form ST19 or a similar written document from sellers can be fined a penalty of $100 for each seller that is not in compliance for each day of the selling event.


Contact Us

Kanabec County Fair

Physical address

South Union St.

Mora MN. 55051

Phone 320-679-3371

Phone is hooked up after July 25

Mailing Address

Kanabec County Fair

John Angstman-Secretary

2775 215th Ave

Mora MN. 55051

Phone 320-679-1546


Open Class exhibits/ pre-registration
Julie Johnson email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
Jennifer Lundin email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parade-: Coordinator---Mary Besser-- Phone: 612-328-6385     address: 1467 160th Ave,  Ogilvie,  MN, 56358  

RedNeck Races- Brett Angstman 320-425-9988

Tractor Pull-  Marie Angstman  320-679-1546

Truck Pull
 - Jason  email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  Phone: 612-490-8045 

WSCA Horse Show- - Julie Johnson 320-515-1732   


Rods and Rust Car Show    Ramona Kastenbauer   kastenbauer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
or Brett Angstman 320-425-9988

Grandstand Events

  2021 Fair Grandstand Schedule

Grandstand Ticket Prices $10.00 for Adults  
  $5.00 for children 12 and under
Single Advance Sale Tickets will be Available 
Watch for Details
RedNeck BeaterCross Race
 7:00   Thursday
Mike Miller & Friends  in the Beer Garden  7:00                      Thursday
RedNeck BeaterCross Race  7:00    Friday
  "Bad Jack" in the Beer Garden 8PM   Friday
 "The Groove" in the Beer Garden 8PM   Saturday
Kanabec County Fair Parade--Union Street 4:30   Saturday
Pickup Pull-Heartland Truck Pullers  7PM    Saturday
"Alan Godage and Sundown"  Classic Country Music 1 PM   Sunday
 Tractor Pull- New classes-Challenge your Neighbor  1 PM
Price of Event: Adults $10.00/Children 12 and Under  $5.00

Civic Center and Special Events

2021 Tentative Schedule Schedule

 Antique Tractor Display in Civic Center  Thursday Through Sunday
 Book Town in the Civic Center  Thursday through Sunday  
 Blacksmith Demonstrations  10am -9pm  daily
Pedal Pull Thursday  1 pm
Poppa Bear Norton Thursday 7pm-9pm

Music by the Beer Garden- "Mike Miller&Friends"
Thursday   7 PM
 Veteran's Day  Friday
 Veteran's Essay Contest Winners in the Civic Center  Friday 1 PM
Senior Essay Contest Winners in the Civic Center Friday 1 PM
 Music by   Civic  Center
Music by the Beer Garden  "Bad Jack" Friday 8-12PM
Square Dancing in the Civic Center by the Cambridge Corners
Friday 7pm-9pm
Century Farms Honored 

 Saturday Before the 4-H Auction in the Covered Show Ring

Music by

 Beer Garden  1-3
Parade down Main Street (Union Avenue) Saturday 4:30

 Music by Wild Willie

 Saturday 7-9 Civic Center
Music in the Beer Garden  "THE Groove:
Saturday  8 PM
 Church Service By Trio Community Church in the Civic Center  Sunday 10 AM

 Alan Godage and Sundown                        Classic Country Music

 Sunday Afternoon  Family Area by the Beer Garden
1-4 PM
 Exhibits Released  Sunday 6 PM

Let us know if you have some ideas--Contact any fair board member--we are always looking for ways to highlight local performers.

Friends of the Kanabec County Fair

Kanabec County Fair would like to Thank all those who help us out in So many ways.

The list Includes: 
Amanda Voigt
Gold Metal
Betty Crocker

Ace Hardware
Arnolds Equipment
ASAP Towing
Atchinson Trucking
Barnick Agency
Besser Ag Services-Ogilvie
Blum Sand and Gravel
Boones Fine Guns- Danny Tramm owner  
Brook Park Fire Department
Cambridge Corners Square Dancers
Chris Stafford
Citizens Bank-Mora
City of Mora
Cory Stanchfield-Mora
Country Care Equine Veterinary Services--Dr. Jennifer Almer-Mora
Country Construction-Mora
Crystal Bar
Dick Stafford Trucking
Don's Auto
East Central Dairy Supply
East Centryal Diesel
East Central Electric
East Central Family Education-Mora
East Central Regional Library-Mora Branch
First Citizens Bank
FirstLight HealthCare systems
Gene Carda Construction-Mora
Grace Lutheran Church
Spire Credit Union
Heartland Truck Pullers
Hinckley Flames Snowmobile Club
Hohns Auto Body
Hopkins Sand and Gravel
Howies Mud Bog
J&J Recycling-Mora
Johnsons Hardware
John Carlson Auctioneering
K&R Meats
Kanabec County
Kanabec County 4-H and all its members and leaders
Kanabec County Sheriffs Reserve
Kanabec-Isanti Farm Bureau
Larson Implement-Cambridge
Master Gardners
Members of the Mora Lions Club
Midwest Machine
Mora Advertiser
Mora Chevrolet & Buick
Mora Civic Center
Mora Education Association-Booktown-Mora
Mora Fire Department
Mora Masonic Lodge
NAPA Auto Parts
Neighborhood Bank
Northland Process Piping
Novus Glass
Ogilvie Fire Department
Ogilvie Raceway
Paul Strunge Auctioneering
Peoples National Bank-Mora
Petro Development
Pink Diamond Bar
Quality Disposal
Redstone Construction
Rubes Auto Sales
Septic Check
Sherman Lumber
SpringBrook Golf course
Stafford Trucking
Stegeman Construction-Mora
Stenstrom's Collision
SW Asphalt
Sunrise Construction-Mora
Tinker and Larson
Thomas Sno Sports
Town and Country Garden Club-Mora
Trio Community Church
Twister Manufacturing
Unclaimed Freight
Vanderpol Trucking
Victory Lanes
Whited Plumbing-Brook Park
5-Star Auto

Comfort Township
Whited Township
Knife Lake Township
Arthur Township
Southfork  Township
GrassLake Township
Brunswick Township
Pomroy Township

And Especially all of you who see a need and   do what needs to be done so that the fair can be the best it can be.

2018 Friends of the Fair List